Effective Communication Workshop

Acquiring practical tools to help teams and individuals to deal with ineffective communication. Acquiring effective listening skills and giving clear instructions, will lead to success in your business, groups and personal life.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Assisting teams and individuals to cooperate better together and achieve common goals through improved emotional intelligence.

If you improve the EQ of your staff, you will increase personal productivity and drive, create a better work environment and develop a strong team with increased potential.

Conflict Management Workshop

Assisting teams and individuals with effective management of conflict, competition, frustration, disappointment and anger. This will improve cohesion, group harmony and team performance.

How to reach your dream

Is a course to help you formulate your dream to inspire you. Learn how to take your dream from the abstract to the concrete. We focus on personal principles, ethics and values and their relationship to your dream. We help you shift your thinking to connect with your dream and make it a reality.

When Loving Hurts course

Life is too short to live with unresolved anger, fear, guilt and shame.

There is life beyond a broken relationship. Anyone can recover from the hurt that a dysfunctional relationship has caused them. Whether it is from a parent/child relationship, marriage, family or friendship, you can recover.