Life is too short to live with unresolved anger, fear, guilt and shame.

There is life beyond a broken relationship. Anyone can recover from the hurt that a dysfunctional relationship has caused them. Whether it is from a parent/child relationship, marriage, family or friendship, you can recover.

Next 8 week online course starting via Zoom

5 October 2021 @19:00.

Cost: R 6000 (Price includes 8 printed workbooks and 8 online sessions)

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If you would like to take part in our course, please fill in your details to register. Registration and payment of R6000 must be completed at least five (5) days prior to the start of course. Please note: All course workbooks will be sent to you via PostNet for you to pick up once payment is received. All online session will be done via live Zoom call, if you miss a session a recording will be made available for you to watch.

Some topics from Course:

  • What is a healthy relationship.
  • What is our basic human need.
  • How to set up healthy boundaries.
  • How can you put meaning back into your life and pursue your dreams again.
  • What is a toxic relationship and abuse.
  • Why do people stay in toxic relationships.
  • What are the emotional and physiological consequences of a toxic relationship.  
  • How do you recover after a broken relationship.