Ecometric testing is a scientific method used to measure an individuals mental capabilities, behavioural and relational styles. Ecometric testing is a tool we use in multiple ways.

To help with:

  • Recruiting the right team from the start
  • Rearranging your team according to their best attributes
  • Improving the health and wellness of the business, management and team dynamic
  • Testing emotional functioning
  • Gaining insight of self perception and relationship dynamics
  • Gaining insight to coping mechanisms, stress and frustration levels

Ecometric testing we offer

Corporate Functioning Screening Inventory

Is used to assess client’s strengths and problems in 68 areas of personal-, emotional-, interpersonal- and organizational functioning.  The benefit of using an assessment such as the CFSI is no time is wasted to come to a vague and subjective idea of your personnel’s problems.  The CFSI will help you improve productivity and pin point areas that need growth.

Job Value Profile/ Personel Screening

Help you to recruit the right team from the start or rearrange your team to their best attributes to benefit your business.


Well-being Indicator

Is a scale that looks at your negative and positive functioning.  It indicates where you are currently functioning effectively, fluctuating in effectiveness or where you are functioning ineffectively. In essence the WBI measures an individuals psycho-social functioning. 

Value Systems Assessment Scale

Is a multidimensional scale that measure the role of your personal value systems in relationship management. 

The Self- perception Scale 

How you perceive yourself is influenced by how you feel in these three areas: inner insecurity, guilt feelings and lack of self worth. These constructs measure the level of impact these three areas have on your functioning. 

Work values or Personal Driving Dynamics

Is a scale that pinpoints your personal top 8 values you need in your work life to be energised. It also indicates what drains you in your work environment. 

Success Traits Inventory 

Is based on the top eight traits of successful people. In this scale we measure your relation to the following traits: Passion, work ethic, focus, inner drive, ideas, willingness to improve, serve and persistence.